Thursday, June 26, 2008

Annique's jingle

A comment was posted on AAR.

Makes me think of the rhyme Annique in Joanna Bourne's The Spymaster's Lady quotes that children sang during the French Terror

"Let the gutters flow with the blood of the aristocrats, let us wash our hands in their entrails, let all who stand aginst the voice of the people perish like rats.."

which is more bloodthirsty.
I wonder if the author made up that little jingle, or if French children really sang songs like that?

Says I: I did make up that particular jinglem but it's typical of the times.


  1. Hello Joanna -- I just finished "The Spymaster's Lady." I enjoyed it. The end made me smile. Thanks, Nina

  2. Hi Nina P --

    I am so delighted to hear this. Thank you for posting and tell me.

    (Do I get to say, like, real loud, that I have a new book about to hit the stands? Ummm ... next Tuesday.

    Or is that crass and commercial?)

    I really think Grey and Annique had long and interesting and happy lives together. But I also think they argured politics a lot.

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Some of us have your release on our calendars! And I noticed it cropped up several times on bulletin board when folks were making a list of forthcoming releases to watch for....
    Do you have any sense of when Maggie will come out? Say, 2009 or 2010?

  4. I'm aiming for late 2009, I think. But it could slide over into 2010. And this is all in the hands of the publishing house, since they are in charge of the details like, y'know, printing it up.

    A long time.

    I'll try to make MAGGIE worth waiting for ...
    but then, one always does try.

  5. Is it available in the UK? Or will I have to wait until I'm back in the US at the end of the month? After reading your little teaser excerpt I'm getting impatient!

  6. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I thought you'd be pleased to know that there is a whole group of people on talking about how theyalready got MLAS and are loving it.
    Unfortunately I am not one of them; my B andN had a record of having 5 but couldn't find them, so I'm headed back today to try to get it.

  7. Hi Ros --

    I don't actually know whether it is available in the UK, I'm afraid.

    It seems futile and unknowledgeable of me, but I've never figured out how book distribution works.

    I toss the manuscript in the general direction of New York. After that, it's in the hands of mysterious professionals who know about things like 'North American rights,'
    (which I have sold. North American rights apparently include the Phillipines which aren't in North America. I checked.)

    I shouldn't think My Lord and Spymaster would be on the shelves in the UK since -- unlike the Phillipines apparently -- the UK has not drifted about and latched firmly onto the coast of Greenland.

    But there does just seem to be a fair amount of random distribution of books to far flung lands and anything could happen and probably does.

  8. Hi Anon,

    I am, as my Aunt Doc would have said, tickled pink.

    I hope everyone who buys My Lord and Spymaster really likes it.

    Maggie won't be out earlier than late 2009. Probably later.