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TSL This and That Errata

Debbie S has asked a couple questions about timing and dates and the specifics of this and that.

Adrian's past. When I try to imagine him falling in love, I wonder where he learned tenderness if he was raised on the streets. He obviously has learned it by SL.

Maggie's story will introduce us to Adrian at about age 12. He's harder and colder at 12 than he was later, but he's not without warmth and humor. And he has a particularly soft spot for women. The street girls he grew up among provided the only warmth and comfort in his childhood.
I'll try to show Adrian being humanized by the influence of Doyle and Maggie.

(and i'm intrigued by his being shot, from below, by a lady who may be a French lover in the game, on a street, where Grey was also and they were too late--do we ever learn that story?)

It'd be fun to write that part of the story, wouldn't it?
Adrian was inside when he got shot. In a bedroom, I think. And yes -- it was the infamous French woman who shot him.

Grey's age--when I read the book, I assumed he was 36 because he says he was Robert for 26 years before he became Grey and that he knew Doyle for 10 years. Nothing in the book shows he knew Doyle before he moved over to the service. I was surprised to learn he's only 27.

Grey and Doyle got to know each other years back, while Grey was still in the army. Doyle, the field agent, spends time interacting with the British Army and Military Intelligence.
Grey joined the Service in his mid twenties, and acquired his nom-de-spy when he became Head of Section. He's 27 or 28 when the story opens.

Annique's surprise that Grey followed her to Soulier's doesn't make sense since he's always told her he would and since she thought she had only 15 minutes to get out of the house. Conceivably she would be surprised that he was able to find her...

That's it exactly. You've got it. Annique didn't think Grey would find her this quickly, if at all.

EDITED TO ADD the two other questions I hadn't answer earlier.

Annique was injured at the start of May, which is short of the full five months before the story starts. Vauban dies the last day of July (six weeks before the story starts,) and Maman, the fifth of August, (about five weeks before.)
Annique, talking to Robert, says "it has been six ... no, five weeks," since her mother's death. She should have said, "it has been six ... no, seven weeks,"

>>>Annique's comment to Robert about their spending time together not being good for him either (implying he's attracted to her) (right before the bullets start flying) p 208 and his response about "men have died..." doesn't fit with her thinking he's not attracted to her both before and after that. <<<<

There's an attraction between the two of them. It's not, to Annique's frustration, being expressed physically. But, as she says ... 'We have gone beyond that. Touching or not touching doesn't matter to what's between us.' They both acknowledge the tie between them.

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  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Could you please tell why all the spy in SL are considered by each other to be "deadly" if they are so concerned about taking human life. Annique obviously considers it a huge deal, but the others? Your earlier comment about Doyle made it sound like everyone understood the Game and were gentlemen/gentlewomen intelligence gatherers. Thanks.