Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Lord and Spymaster Cover

The My Lord and Spymaster cover is up at Amazon.

So pretty.

As soon as I finish the galleys of MLAS, I shall try to get that cover onto the blog.
(This is not trivial if you are as technologically ham-handed as I am.)

The cover artist for both books is Judy York. Her website is here. You can see the Loretta Chase 'Lord Perfect' cover right on the front page of her Romance section. Cool, yes?

I'm not sure ... could that Loretta Chase cover possibly be the same model -- Nathan Kamp -- as the Spymaster's Lady cover?

Nathan Kamp has a site here if you want to, y'know, look at some abs for a bit.

When I'm writing and I get stuck, I click to Lolcats. Here.
Nothing seems impossible after a few dozen lolcats.
I wouldn't be surprised if N.K.'s abs turned out to have the same aspects of transcendence.


  1. Beautiful cover. Nicely complements Spymaster's Lady, too.

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Very nice cover!! lately some covers are awful, your is awesome!!Can't wait!!!

  3. I like the colors. All those rich blues and greens and that nice peachy shade.

  4. Joanna, I just saw the cover and stepback for MY LORD AND SPYMASTER. They're gorgeous!

  5. Hi PJ --

    They are lovely. Just so romantic. Great artist.