Saturday, October 27, 2007


Got a cord of wood delivered today. The cat comes and sits on the woodpile exactly where I want to stack logs and does her innocent blinky-eyes ... 'Moi? In your way?'

It's pitiful when you go stack firewood to duck the rewrites.

I simply cannot pin this new scene down. I'm thrashing and wuggling.
Maybe I will bring my H&H face-to-face and let them slug it out a bit.

Maybe I will put everybody on a ship and leave for China.

In other news ... I have the cover sketch for My Lord and Spymaster. Lovely work, but not just blatantly representative. Heigh-ho. Marketing remains a mystery.


  1. When do we get to see it?

    /Sara E.

  2. I'll probably wait till the cover shows up on Amazon. I don't want to jump in with anything Berkley hasn't released and might decide to change.

  3. I guess I'll have to be patient then... *sigh*

    /Sara E.

  4. (waving)
    Hello, Jo!

    I've seen (pictures of) this book around, and somehow failed to make the association.


  5. Hi Cindy --
    Thank ye kindly.

    I haven't been updating this blog at all. I feel so guilty.

    I'm making some changes in My Lord and Spymaster ... in the plotting of the middle section ... and it is just taking all my time and energy. I should finish up in a week or so.

    We toss a lot of good stuff out in revisions, don't we?

    As soon as Spymaster's Lady is in bookstores I'm going to pull up an out-take or two and post them. A scene or two that I had to weed out.

  6. Revisions, those are bad for me.

    I spent five-six years revising and revising the first 50K words of an historical I was DETERMINED to finish, then I finally cut myself loose of it this fall and moved on.

    I feel good!

    So, I'm feeling really remiss - Spymaster's Lady is your first? And you have a second on the way?

    Out-takes is a great idea. No need to deprive us of those scenes if you liked them!

  7. Hi Cindy --

    SL isn't my fist fiction. I did a straight Regency many many years ago. Then I wrote just stacks of nonfiction.

    I went back to try to find the out-take I wanted.
    And it's gone.

    Oh rats! I know just exactly what I wanted to post. Heck.