Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And she's back ...

The manuscript of My Lord and Spymaster has been turned in to the editor. Yeah!
I was gone for three months.

Now I have time to do some blogging again.
Also Yeah!!


  1. Jo,

    YAY!! Congrats on finishing! :) I knew you could do it! lol

    It'll be good to see you around a little more.


  2. Congrats!! AND your upcoming book got a positive mention on

  3. Congratulations Jo! I hope you've got time for a well deserved rest now (and for getting a new keyboard? ;-)).

    /Sara E.

  4. The relief is tremendous, getting that My Lord and Spymaster manuscript done and sent off.

    What it's like ... you imagine yourself in a car with three or four teenagers and they have music (sic) on full-blast
    and then you drop them off at the pool and turn the music off.

    Everything inside is silence.

    So nice.

    Except, of course, that now I have to do two-months accumlated housework.

    I got the ARCs for Spymaster's Lady.

  5. WOOT!!!

    Congrats and what a relief! Enjoy the peace and quiet. If I were you, I'd splurge on a housecleaner. *w*

    And how does one get access to said ARCs? If they promise to write good reviews and blurbs and bend over backwards while juggling and weaving a basket with their toes? *w,g*

  6. Oh, and I like what you've done with the blog!

  7. Hi Jenny --

    I didn't know much about ARCs.

    Apparently the publishing house sends them out to reviewers. In my case, they get sent out to folks who review Romance books.

    I had been planning to spiffy up the blog when it got closer to the publication date. I was waiting till I got the manuscript of My Lord and Spymaster completed and had a moment of time on my hands.

    I'm going back and tryin to trim out posts that don't seem to be, y'know, saying anything ....