Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Talked to friends about publicity.

One of them, D --, has just e-pubbed with Wild Rose, so we had lots to chat about in re publicity..

I recommended she try Poddymouth and Smart Bitches to see if she can get a review there.
She has a website set up and will soon be posting her cover.
I thought she might slip into MySpace and see if she thought a presence there would be useful. Somebody over on Books and Writers Forum said that was a good place to make connection with readers.

We discussed other options ... local newspaper, request at the library that they buy the book, note to local Writer's Group to put in their newsletter, dropping by local Barnes and Noble to talk it up, put cover up in the published authors page of Virginia Romance Writers,
and maybe do a sale and signing at the next Festival of the Book ...

That was about all we could come up with. She mentioned bookmarks. I dunnoh how well those work ...

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