Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jess Synopsis

Jo worked on the synopsis of JESSAMYN today. Jo has a nice final draft of the synopsis. Good Jo.

I used as my template the synopsis I submitted to Miss Snark way back when the story was still a series of 'this scene introduces so-and-so who does such-and-such'.

I had to modify matters in the last half of the synopsis because it turned out so-and-so not only didn't do such-and-such – sometimes so-and-so didn't even make it to the next draft.

I have set the synopsis aside to cool for a day. I'll come back for a new read which will tell me if it is (a) comprehensible, (b) logical and (c) if the weak attempts at humor should be removed.
(They probably should.)

Oh goody. I just remembered I will be seeing friends on Wednesday. I can ask them for an opinion.

Lucky friends.
I will warn them.

I have four or five days before I'm supposed to send this synopsis and Chapters One to Three to Superagent.
Are we cutting this close?

In other news ... have hacked my way through the first third of Chapter Eight, leaving the topiary of a final draft behind me. Have established Sebastian's attitude towards Jess nicely.

The chapter, unfortunately, is talking heads to some extent. I better revv up the Adrian-Sebastian conflict.

(Is that too many –ians? Am I going to have to rename Sebastian?)

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