Monday, January 22, 2007


At last.

I don't want to hear about how the snow in your front yard is six feet deep and you've been without power since December and you are drawing lots which of the kids you're going to eat fiirst.
That's your snow.
This is my snow.

The cat has never seen snow before. She patted at it, amazed and appalled. Then tried to attack it. Then ran in circles, trying to escape it. Then she sat between the back porch flower pots, glaring at it.
Finally she came in, looking disheveled and cross.

Cat: This is your fault, isn't it?
Me: Yes.
Cat: I thought so. (stomp stomp stomp)


  1. Jo,

    Glad to hear you got your snow! Coincidentally, we also got our first real snow in the weekend! (Well, except for a weird cold spell at the beginning of November). Winter, at last! I was beginning to think we'd go straight to spring...

    /Sara E. (Sweden)

  2. My stupic daffodils have all come up. Idiot plants.

    The word verification is frtag, even though it's Monday

  3. Then there's Boris. He loves the snow - it brings out the kitten in the old grump. He will dash out the front door and make a snowplow with his front paws, then slide along the sidewalk until there's a big ball under his chin. He'll leap over the ball and go into the sideways skitter, then skid to a stop and lick his feet as though that's what he really meant to do all along. Silly old boy... Pam