Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Post Christmas

It is entirely possible I will not cook anything till 2008.

So. Today. Cleaned out the refrigerator which was full of Thai food for some reason. Yum yum. Ate yellow curry leftovers for lunch. Gave two overlooked sushi to the cat who proved enthusiastic about the concept. Gave the last of the Ziti-and-mozzarella to the dog, equally enthused.

Refrigerator is now empty except for (1) a huge jug of cranberry juice, (2) the usual condiment suspects. (3)some lonely-looking yoghurt. The fruit-mixed-through-yoghurt group out-ate the fruit-on-the-bottom contingent, so that is what we have left, (4) a half-dozen corn muffins, and (5) a half bottle of very strange champagne from someplace like ... Oregon.

The tree has been stripped and pushed out into the cold of the back porch to await a hopeful, and probably futile, replanting. The creche has been packed away in bubble wrap and nestled into its plastic tool chest home. Christmas decorations and lights are stowed up in big plastic boxes in the attic. Ad inserted in Freecycle for some kind soul to come take away Christmas paper and etc. not worth storing till next year but too good to throw away. Air mattresses deflated and brushed relatively free of cat hair, bagged and stored in attic. Futon transformed to its couch avatar. Bedding ... truly unending amounts of sheets and comforters and duvets and towels ... washed and folded and put away ... (only one set yet to go when this load finishes.) Trash is sorted into its appropriate bin and wheeled down to the road.

Boxes and boxes have been addressed and packed into the car -- that's stuff to be mailed to folks who could not carry everything home on the airplane -- I'll do that tomorrow when the post office is open.
I also have to fast-mail a recharger that was left behind. I am inclined to UPS that one, recent experiences having given me a jaundiced view of the US Postal Service.

If I had sufficient energy left I would vacuum the carpets everywhere and sweep what wasn't vacuumed and mop everything else and wipe down all the kitchen cabinets which have become mysteriously covered with jelly fingerprints.

But I think I'm going to just collapse on the sofa.

Tomorrow ... back to work. I've become involved in the suspense plot a bit more. Looking forward to approaching it.

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