Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Slaughtering Subplots

I set back to work on Jessamyn today.

While I was doing the polish of Anneka in two weeks, I had one of these exponential mental growth thingums. It was the first time I'd actually looked at an entire ms, the whole shebang, all in one piece.

I am now ruthless. I reapproach Jessamyn with a large clippers and a thirst for structural simplicities.

This means I'm going back to the beginning. I must shift some of the foundations an inch or two. But this is right. This is necessary. This is not merely quibble.

First ... I want to pull the conversation with Doyle out of Chapter One and replace it with a conversation with Kedger. I think. But then I have to get rid of Kedger somehow ... Maybe I'll come up with the answer when I'm asleep tonight.

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