Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Anneka polish Day 12

And we finish up day 12 of 14.
Not doing too well

73K of 111


At Panera, I stood, waiting for the coffee urns to free up so I could nip in and get another cup of coffee.

My heroine is saying ... "The moment I deliver you to safety and perform one small final task I have set myself, I shall slip away to become obscure and harmless as a hedgehog."

Unfortunately, I have used the word 'hedgehog twice already in the first 50K words. To wit –
'She jerked away, flung herself to the far side of the bed, turned her back to him, and tucked herself tight as a hedgehog.'
'There would be, in those flowery fields beyond the wood, berries and many rabbits, even hedgehogs, if one were lucky.'

I simply cannot use 'hedgehog' in both the 'curled up' ref and the 'harmless as' ref because it is so vivid both places.

The 'in the fields' ref, thank God, passes under the radar. I don't have to go back and pull that one out.

So I said to the nice woman standing next to me ... 'What's an obscure and harmless animal that lives in England?' She offered me beavers, shrews, geckoes and chinchillas. Nice lady. Is it only me, or is everybody else in the world clueless?

Hmmm ... 'harmless as a dormouse' maybe. I prefer hedgehog in that spot, but if I can only use it once ....


  1. Okay, the others I could sort of not trip over, but geckos? LOL! (One of these things is not like the others!)

    Here's a link that may be of some use:

    Oh, and by the way, TAG! You're it! {g}

  2. Jo,

    Dormouse seems appropriate to me. If you can only use hedgehog once or twice, definitely keep the other two references.

  3. I'm liking dormouse. Red squirrels are cute too, but a little too perky maybe.