Saturday, February 25, 2006

My bio

I wrote a bio out yesterday. Thought I'd post it here.
I mean ... why not?

I come with the usual appurtenances -- dog, cat, husband, two kids, pair of goldfish. I write historical romance set in the Napoleonic War period.

Since I was a teenager, I've bought the same kind of shoe from L.L. Bean, and the same sorta trousers from Deva Lifewear. I bought my first cell phone a month or two back, but I haven't activated it yet. I just take it out and look at it and put it away again.

I make my own marmalade. I like to work in coffeeshops. I lived outside the United States for 20 years, in different parts of the world. I have great difficulty spelling ... all the words look right to me. I know probably 10,000 poems by heart. I don't get as much writing done as I should but the kitchen still isn't clean either. I use power tools and drive a Volvo. My favorite constellation is Orion. My favorite flower is lily-of-the-valley.

I guess that's most of what's important about me.

No one has ever called me Snookums, but it could happen any minute, so I am prepared.


  1. Well, snookums --

    I hope this bio comes in handy (like needing it for the back of your newly released book).

    I like LLBean mocs. So warm.


  2. I knew it would happen ...

    The mocs I get are the Blucher mocs ... so era appropriate ...


  3. LOL! Hi Snookums!!!

    I'm just perusing your blog.

    I'm doing Kathy's Cover today/tomorrow so yours is next - I figured I'd get to know you a 'lil' bit.

    Re: Your question about what I've been doing.

    I've never been a pro at anything (except maybe a pain in the arse) *grin*...

    I just got a copy of Paint Shop Pro a week and a half ago (or thereabouts) and decided to perk up Savannah Jordan, who is one of my blog buddies - because she said she was down. And then I thought Bernita would like one - and then I just made a few more.

    It has been a blast - and I thank you for your compliments. I'm hoping that the writers I've made them for will find some inspiration in them - and actually get some excellent writing going - get published and be happy!

    That is my goal.

    So - I will continue reading your site - it is very nice to meet you Jo!

    Lady M