Monday, December 12, 2005

End of Chapter Nine

Finished Chapter Nine tonight at 9:30. A good feeling.

Hard to say how much I got done last week. Not one of my better weeks. I'd like to blame it on the holidays.

So ... looking over the whole situation. What do I have under my belt ---

The five page synopsis.

I have now abandoned this as complete.

It took me ten days to lick that bloody mess into a semblance of shape, ten days of gnarling and whingeing and reading good advice from kind folks who know how to write synopses and going into the file and changing 16 words and folding the file up in disgust again. Ten calendar days, maybe 30 hours of actual work, and several ounces of my tattered and grimy soul.

So that's done. (yeah!)

I spent the morning at the C'ville Cafe with coffee and a roast beef sandwich and a brownie.
Spent four hours. Did another hour and a half tonight sitting on the sofa with the dog at my feet.

I've worked to the end of Chapter Nine (the fight outside Jess' warehouse.)
I moved some 1800 words from Draft 4 to Draft 5 stage.

We progress.

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