Monday, November 28, 2005

Working again

Finally managed to get back to work today.

Some of my paralysis was the holidays. Some was not.

Anyhow. Worked for three or four hours on JESS today. I guess it's yesterday, now. Completed the fight scene in Chapter Nine. The H&H are walking away from the aftermath. Wish I could find something workable and invisible to call hired muscle in 1810 besides 'thugs', 'killers', and 'bravos'. (Even 'thug' is a bit iffy for that year.)

I went back and fiddled about in earlier chapters .... making sure I'd worked the ferret in a couple places so he won't come as a total shock when we meet him in the fur at the end of Chapter Nine. I slipped in a few refs to my clever heroine's mental talents.

I'm stopping about 1000 word further on than I was last time I looked. I've managed to toss some quite beautiful, quite superfluous verbiage out. I'm more ruthless. It's getting so I can toss lovely stuff and scarcely even shudder.

I saw this show on TV about a guy who went rock climbing alone, (which is probably no stupider than trying to write fiction, if you look at it properly ... though writing fiction seldom makes you die of dehydration and heat stroke,) and he got his arm caught in a crevice and had to saw it off to get free.
Made me think of editing my work.

Hmmm ... perhaps that's just a tad overly dramatic.

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