Friday, October 21, 2005

Chapter Five of Jessamyn Locked Down

I've brought in some wood, piling it next to the fireplace in this huge iron kettle I've got here. It's going to rain tomorrow and Sunday. I've saved myself some trips out into the wet.

Still no hot water. I'm feeling so ... rural.

I finished Chapter Five today. I'll return to refine the small stuff and explore Sebastian's inner devils a bit more. (Hope I haven't just made him an aggressive clod.) But it's 98% done. I feel like I can leave it behind and move on.

... To Chapter Six where -- huge sigh of relief -- I am back in Jess' POV. I have story to add, significant story, but I still expect to move along faster on this next bit. It's easier for me to write in a woman's head.

I'm at 17,600 words, heading into Six. The work behind me is ... ok. Maybe even good. I won't know till I come back to it, cold, and read it with fresh eyes.

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