Sunday, October 02, 2005


Happy Snoopy Dance.

I got 'The Call' yesterday.

I have an agent.
A marvelous agent.
A wonderful agent.

I cannot begin to say how happy I am and how much of a relief this is.

Now I can settle down to writing JESSAMYN
and stop worrying.

Now I can make ANNEKA better.
Now I can relax.

I can write,
which is what I want to do
and the agent can sell mss, which is presumably what she wants to do.

We will both be happy.
Life is good.


  1. Yay, Jo!

    Can't wait to read it!

  2. Hi Sara -

    It's a long way from finsihed manuscript to agent ... I think it's an equally long journey from agent to editor.

    Hopkins will submit to several editors at once. This is apprently how it is done.

    I may get some negative feedback almost immediately, as she will telephone some apparently. Positive feedback will take a good bit longer, I think.

    I am not going to agonize over this or put it in my mind at all. I'm just going to work on JESSAMYN.

    I'm going to plot JESS and write away at JESS and immerse myself in her problems. Yes.


  3. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for posting. If you can tell me how to get all those spam off and block future spam, I'd be indebted to you forever. *wink*

    Actually, that blurb is what's in my query letter. It seems long, but believe it or not, it fits perfectly on a one page query letter, with my bio and writing credentials, and my address and the agent's address, lol. I couldn't find a way to cut it any shorter. Anyhow, it's gotten a lot of requests, so I must be doing something right. *grin*

    BIG CONGRATS to being agented. It must be a wonderful feeling. I pray I get that call soon too. So far, I have 4 full requests, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on those.

    I'll let you know how it goes in a few weeks (or months!).


  4. Hi Mai -

    If you want to stop the 'spam' comments,
    -- and why should you not? --

    -- Go to your dashboard.
    -- Go to 'change settings'
    -- Go to your 'comments' tab
    -- Down where it asks you if you want 'verification' from the posters -
    -- say 'yes' (say that you do want comments verified.)

    That will get rid of the spammers.

    You can then, if you want, trashcan all the spams you have.

    There is a little image of a trashcan at the bottom of each of their postings. Click on it and deep six 'em.