Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm doing ...

Picking up a meme here . . .  In this draft of the WIP of the Pax story, on page 77, going to line 7, the next 7 lines are:

Some man had a sweet lover waiting for him.  He wondered if she'd be sharing a bed tonight with somebody on Meeks Street.     

Let's get this over with.  The mug of ale was still full when he slid it onto the nearest table.  He set a coin beside it and picked his bag up, taking it left-handed so he'd have his knife hand free. 

Nobody looked up to see him leave.  It was a point of pride to him that nobody noticed.

He checked to make sure nobody followed him out of the Dog.  It was habit.  Just habit.  He had all the habits of a spy.

This is not a world-shakingly exciting passage, really.


  1. AHHHH!!! Oh goodness... I feel all giggly reading this. Thank you for playing along! :) What a GREAT excerpt!

  2. ooooh, but the possibilities, shouldn't it be the next 77 lines ;) ok, that wouldn't be enough either :)

  3. Oh giggle.

    This is the end of my first scene in Pax's POV. Now we wander back into Camillle's POV. I think I'll make it a hiatus and stay in the same chapter.

  4. Whaddya mean by: "This is not a world-shakingly exciting passage, really." This is thrilling stuff, a first look at Pax's story. Heck, I'd find it interesting even if Pax sneezed somewhere or snored. And I'm with @gamistress66 above, for you, the meme should've been the next 77 lines, or perhaps the next 777 lines.

  5. heh heh ...

    This is bread and butter work, closing down the scene. In Pax's POV. From what he sees to what he is doing in action to what he thinks. Bong, bong, bong in seven lines, and the pace of that tells us the scene is about to close up.

    I break immediately after this seven lines and put in the # mark for a hiatus. We go to Cam's POV.

  6. Ooh, that's not fair! I want to read the whole story now!

  7. I am resolved to work harder. You can just feel me gearing up to do this.

  8. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Congratulations ont he RITA nomination!